Novel in Progress

“A scar is what happens when the word is made flesh.”
– Leonard Cohen

My novel is a psychological novel about Evie, a rather passionate gastronome who believes that she inherited her Granddaddy Hadden’s culinary talent the day he slit his throat with a kitchen knife. She is haunted by the need to repay him and creates a cookbook featuring his recipes but adapting them to include an ingredient so sacred that no sane person has ventured to taste it, much less cook with it.

Exploring the nuances of this unusual medium leads Evie to eccentric gallery owner Pablo Banks, who shares with her meticulous notes complied by Lost Generation author William Seabrook. She also encounters the secret Seabrook Society, a group of epicureans who indulge in extreme forms of culture that question the boundaries between art and vulgarity or obscenity.

When Evie’s cookbook is finally published, it does not bring the admiration and notoriety she so desperately wanted for herself and her grandfather. Instead, she is publicly  humiliated and betrayed by the people she trusted the most, leading her to question everything she has ever believed about her beloved Granddaddy Hadden.